You Came Over Late

by Indian Queens

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As much as the government claims that the Thames is clean, there’s something swirling around in there that’s probably working the same magic as drinking ‘lean’ and it’s making Cool Thing records sign up all kinds of pleasantly disorientating, bewilderingly interesting and hypnotic musical ventures.

The Cool Thing ears have been finely tuned once more and resulted in the upcoming serving of a delicious thames river three eyed fish Bouillabaisse (google that last word) called ‘You Came Over Late’ by Indian Queens, a psychedelic chillwave/trip-hop hit wrapped up in a DIY punk aesthetic, delivered with a message beamed down to them partially by the film Suffragette. As lead singer Jennifer O’neill hushes over reverbed chants:

The line between dreams and reality become blurred, and we step into a warped, swirling vision of the night.
We just have to trust in things beyond our line of sight.
" You said Darkness never waits"
"I'd rather be a rebel than a slave"

Striking the hammer down on a set of scales that tips between Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead. ‘You Came Over Late’ calls upon a wealth of influences but uses them as paint on a canvas for their soundscapes whilst making sure they’re in charge of their own brush. There’s a smattering of MBV against the Portishead and would stand toe to toe with any output of Stereolab and Autolux.

In short, grind this track down to a fine paste, boil it in a pot, sip it down and wait for it to kick in, thank Cool Thing three minutes later when you come out the other side feeling nice and woozy.


released March 4, 2019

Written / recorded / engineered / produced by Jennifer O'Neill, Katherine O'Neill, Matthew Dudan-Bick.

Recorded at IQ HQ's

Mixed by Paul Gregory

Mastered by Sean Tuohy

Artwork by Jennifer O'Neill


all rights reserved



Cool Thing Records Southend On Sea, UK

Cool Thing Records is run by Southend Artrock band Asylums. It's also the home of BAIT, Beckie Margaret, The Horse Heads, Suspects & Indian Queens. #anothercoothing

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